Customer Relationship Management

RecMan CRM - a complete cloud-based CRM platform for future-oriented companies

Key Features

The RecMan CRM is a powerful tool for your sales team to be on top of things across the entire company. Increasing efficiency by accessing the data on the go without extra time on meetings and personal reports.

RecMan CRM lets you quickly add and update all the sales data without extra time. Managing the security settings lets you keep all your commercial, sensitive data secured.


Easy way to keep all the relevant data about your customers.

Email, Calendar Sync

Sync with your email and calendar prevents you from manual data entry.

Companies Database

RecBot and credit monitoring keep track of the customers in the CRM.


Timely follow-ups are an excellent tool for monitoring team activity to increase sales.


Storing all necessary information about your customers, including their business structure, to identify the right roles and business units for proper sales and marketing strategies.

Having information on different contacts and company roles is key to reaching the right people and decision makers regarding your business.

Our handy search function lets you easily segment and find potential new customers. Also, our self-developed prospecting tools, RecMan CDB, gathers information from open sources about potential new customers

Email, Calendar Sync

Mail and calendar integrations that work with Microsoft and Google and support both ongoing and outgoing emails in RecMan? Count on us.

Analyzing the synced activities becomes a powerful tool for team activity management to improve your sales processes.

Company database

Get all your needed data for sales and marketing.

RecBot and credit monitoring keep track of the customers in the CRM. You have access to all companies in the Nordics to add to CRM easily.

Tasks & business process

RecMan lets you focus on what matters. Set up your sales processes and create automated tasks so you will always be in control of your pipeline. The business process is flexible and customizable, leaving you in charge of the process.

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