RecMan Overview

Gøran Sæland
by Gøran Sæland March 4th, 2021

RecMan overview

When you come in contact with or use any of our services, you may or may not know the basis in which a RecMan service is presented to you. We are aware that this could be confusing, and seek to give everyone an understanding of our organisation and the services we provide.

1. Introduction

This is an overview of the IT solution and services we provide, and is intended to give you an understanding of the environment in which RecMan operates. To any ordinary eye, RecMan may seem simple enough, where we however seek to be transparent and describe its complexity in the easiest way possible.

The following overview (“Overview”) will be necessary for any reader to consider, so that the supporting documentations of Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and the environment in general will be understandable. Other documentations and descriptions may also be easier to grasp with the knowledge of this Overview.

2. Who is RecMan

RecMan AS (911 621 541) (“Provider”, “RecMan AS”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) is a software company from Norway who develops, provides, and supports the IT solution also known as RecMan (“Solution” or “RecMan”). We have our headquarters in Oslo, Norway and a supporting sales office located in Stockholm, Sweden.

3. What is RecMan

RecMan is a Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud developed and maintained by us which is aimed mainly for the recruitment and staffing industry in the nordic countries, but also has presence in other industries all over the world. It consists of a number of different functions and modules, including, but not limited to, customer relationship management (CRM); job advertisement; applicant tracking system (ATS); candidate- and project management; assignments; invoicing; and payroll; as well as various other features specially designed to support the Solution as a whole.

The goal of RecMan’s totality is to bring everything together within one simple and interconnected interface, one single roof, and because of this, the Solution remains in a vast and complex environment.

4. Provider and Client relation

Where a customer of RecMan (“Client”) is using the Solution, legal contracts such as Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) and License Agreement (“Agreement”) are defining the relation between the two parties. The DPA focuses on the relation in terms of the Provider being a data processor (“Processor”), and the Client being a data controller (“Controller”); whereas the Agreement is focused on the relation between the Client as a customer and the Provider as an IT solutions provider.

The DPA and the Agreement specifies the ownership and responsibility of information and data stored by the Controller and processed by the Processor within RecMan, and how this is in compliance with the laws and regulations regarding GDPR and Privacy Laws. Most of the contacts are standardised, where some are not, and the legal contracts will at any time be the current agreements in the relation.

In general, the DPA will describe what data is being stored and how it is processed including, but not limited to, the Client’s sole ownership of the data; restrictions and regulations for sharing and transmitting data; confidentiality and access restrictions; and the relation’s approved sub-processors with agreed procedures of managing new ones.

The Agreement will however describe the commercial elements of the Provider-Client relation, including, but not limited to, the Client and Provider rights, responsibilities, and restrictions; terms and conditions regarding intellectual property; terms of service for the Solution; and licence costs.


Clients using RecMan can set up their own subdomain(s), and create their own career pages with their own branding. Such career pages are applied by the Client for publishing, but not limited to, job posts; assignments; news; and documents; where individuals (“Data Subjects”) may gain access by creating a personal account with the possibility to log in. Data Subjects could be, but not limited to, candidates; applicants; employees; consultants; customers; contact persons; and work approvers. Data Subject may from within their personal account register, store, access, and update information or data, as well as making use of features in RecMan enabled by the Client.

We do not claim ownership of any data transmitted, stored, created, or processed through any accounts or otherwise by the Client or its Data Subjects unless this is agreed upon for specific purposes. The Client represents and warrants that it has all the rights to the data necessary for the Client to use RecMan, and that the transmission, storage, or use of the data does not violate any law or regulations.

Each Client and every career page will include unique documentation for user agreement, privacy policy, and cookie notice which will describe and reflect the Client’s own policies, terms, and conditions.

5.1 Additional features

The Client may at any time enable or disable additional pre-approved features (“Services”) in RecMan which may be accessible for the Data Subject. These Services are optional, and by enabling one or more, the Client allows for us to process and transmit necessary data on behalf of the Client for such Services to function as intended. The Services are as of 2020-05-01 secure ways for Data Subjects to register an account, log in to the account, register hours, and import or parse files for easier registration of information. See complete list of the Services below.

  • Jobreg
  • LinkedIn
  • RecMan Employee
  • Sovren
  • Textkernel
  • Vipps
  • Vitnemålsportalen

6. Access to the Solution

As a Client, one or more users will have access to their organisation’s isolated Solution through personal accounts, often referred to as a “Co-worker”. From within their Solution, depending on licence type and Co-worker permissions, the user may access all features, functions, and data available to their personal account. Co-workers can access, read, write, publish, edit, and delete information in their isolated Solution.

Our Solution is cloud-based, and the users can access it at all times from any approved browser on any device or operating system, as long as there is an internet connection.

The Client will be fully responsible for the access and use of their Solution, and the Provider can not be held responsible for any misuse or unauthorised access. For more information, please see our Terms of Service.

6.1 Additional features

The Client may at any time apply, enable, or disable additional pre-approved features (“Features”) in RecMan, which may or may not be accessible for the Co-worker, and could be made available for Data Subjects or other external subjects. These Functions are optional, and by enabling one or more, the Client allows for us to process and transmit necessary data on behalf of the Client for such Features to function as intended. The Features are as of 2020-05-01 secure ways for Co-workers to log in to the account, import or parse files for easier registration of information, access to external candidate database, create and send out forms, authentication for signing of documents, validating information, standard and customised API integrations, email integrations, calendar integrations, cybersecurity and antivirus, and mobile applications. See complete list of the Functions below.

  • Azure AD
  • BankID Norway
  • BankID Sweden
  • Bisnode
  • G Suite
  • GatewayAPI
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google SSO
  • Jobreg
  • Microsoft SSO
  • Office365
  • RecMan Employee
  • RecMan Forms
  • RecMan OpenAPI
  • RecMan Security
  • Sovren
  • Textkernel
  • Vipps
  • Yubikey
6.2 Additional supporting services

The Client may at any time make use of the supporting services (“Supporting Services”) provided by us. These are usually used for supporting purposes, but the services are also utilised for communication with other parties than the Client, and information may be stored in logs for the sake of support and follow-up. The Supporting Services are as of 2021-03-01 ways for our organisation to provide quality services. See complete list of the Supporting Services below. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

  • Aircall
  • FreshDesk
  • GatewayAPI
  • G Suite
  • Google Analytics
  • Phonero
  • TeamViewer

7. The RecMan operations

For the sake of transparency, we would also like to share the internal softwares and applications (“Applications”) which are utilised from within the organisation and its operations. There are internal policies and restrictions for what may or may not be used, and how to apply them with best practise. The Applications are as of 2020-05-01 secure ways of storing, sharing, and accessing data, communicating internally and externally, and operations tools for efficient workflow and processes. See complete list of the Applications below.

  • G Suite
  • GatewayAPI
  • Phonero
  • RecMan
  • RecMan Employee
  • RecMan Forms
  • RecMan Security
  • Slack
  • Trello
7.1 Additional commercial services

Even though we are mainly an IT solutions provider, our Clients may also make use of various services at our disposal (“Commercial Services”). 24/7 support is a given, and are excluded from the following Commercial Services. These are however not in the center of our service arsenal, but are present to provide the best possible customer service. The Commercial Services are as of 2020-05-01 specialised advisory, consultancy, tailored and standard training, development, and migration of data.

8. The RecMan infrastructure

RecMan is owned, developed, maintained, and supported by us. To give our Clients and their Data Subjects the security and performance they deserve, sub-processors are contracted to run the Solution. All data centers are located at various locations in Norway to ensure uptime and backup, as well as enabling failover solutions. As of 2020-05-01 our main sub-processor is Netclient Services AS, and we inform you of this with utmost pride as they have given us exceptional availability and performance over the duration of RecMan’s existence.

9. Changes to this overview

At our discretion, we may update this Overview to reflect changes to our services or the current practices. RecMan will take reasonable steps to let users know about changes though the Solution or on this page. Your continued use of the RecMan services after any changes to this Overview will be regarded as acceptance of the practices related to our operations and environment.

10. Questions

If you have any questions or wish to contact us about this Overview, please contact with the subject of “Overview”.

Gøran Sæland
Head of compliance, RecMan AS