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Offers 22 languages out of the box and a quick setup. RecMan is an innovative, secure, and modern choice

Why RecMan?

Watch this video to learn more about RecMan and how we can help you.

Why RecMan?

Watch this video to learn more about RecMan and how we can help you.

Choose the right RecMan for your needs

A complete cloud-based CRM software for future-oriented companies, RecMan CRM helps you increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer loyalty. The solution includes various management, sales, marketing, and customer service features.

A professional, user-friendly recruitment platform easily implemented on your current company's website. ATS provides a complete set of features for the HR department and the applicants and is 100% GDPR-compliant.

A complete business toolkit and recruitment solutions for professional agencies, recruiters, and executive search companies. Recruiter not only provides you with market leading recruitment tools, but also offers a full stack CRM with mail, SMS, calendar, invoicing, sales, and customer modules.

An all-in-one ERP solution for staffing agencies. Staffing includes all the tools for professional recruitment and CRM that are in ATS and Recruiter, along with the industry’s most comprehensive set of tools for staffing solutions, recruiting solutions, and services.

Custom Solution

If you need a mix of functions and modules, or even something different, we can create a custom RecMan solution to meet your needs

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Plug-in solutions

Each solution has different features that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Business Intelligence

The Recman BI module presents insights into your business and day-to-day operations.

Recman BI lets you create reports and dashboards for recruitment, staffing, consulting, and CRM markets. It includes both predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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RecMan Employee

Use the RecMan Employee app to manage your work-related activities with employers that use the RecMan web application.

Every part of the web experience in RecMan has been enhanced for this mobile app, so that you’ll have the best possible experience using RecMan in your work life. All the data will be safely synced between your phone and the RecMan web application.

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RecMan seamlessly integrates with 200+ applications so that you can do everything from one place

Security & privacy

Multi-factor authentication

SSO Single sign-on

Custom login authentication policies

Integrated antivirus

GDPR compliant

ISO 27001 certification

Security & privacy

A secure business environment for complete peace of mind

Our enterprise-grade platform’s infrastructure is GDPR-compliant, where transparent data processing ensures privacy rights. We focus on security and compliance to provide all users with a safe work environment. We use industry-leading authentication to prevent unauthorized access, secure cloud environments, and encryptions to eliminate risks with data-in-transit. We also employ 3rd party audits to ensure the status quo is maintained.

We use industry-leading authentication to prevent unauthorised access, secure cloud environments, and encryption to eliminate risks with data in-transit. We also employ 3rd party audits to ensure the status quo is maintained.

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Pull your relationships and their data into one place

Other reasons to choose RecMan

Customer service & support

You will get a comprehensive support system with a live webcast with high production value, screen sharing, and email and phone support. Our support staff are in-house experts with an answer for everything.

Data migration

Our professional transition team makes it easy to switch to RecMan from your existing system. We can import data from your old system, such as candidates, customers, and projects, and get you up and running quickly.

Development & updates

Our goal of continuous improvement means you automatically get access to new features, upgrades, and changes based on customer feedback, trends, and new technology.

Training & consultancy

Our dedicated team is here to help your business succeed. From easy onboarding to professional guidance, we will be your trusted business partners.