Applicant Tracking System

RecMan ATS for staffing companies - a must-have applicant tracking system easily implemented in your business

Key features

Out ATS provides a complete set of features for both the HR department and the applicants - and is, of course, 100% GDPR compliant.

The RecMan ATS for staffing companies makes you more likely to hire the right people – it’s that easy.

It helps you with everything, such as sourcing, interviewing and analysing various candidates.

Candidate management

Get complete control of your recruitment process with one of the faster tools on the market.


An easy and powerful way of presenting potential candidates to your team and receiving feedback.


Intuitively extract critical data, and make your information presentable.

Job post integrations

It works with more than 30 job ad portals and integrates on your website.

Candidate management

Designed to give you a complete overview of applicants during the process. There’s no better way to keep track of your hiring processes built-in with several features.

Let RecMan handle the time-consuming tasks with its built-in automated triggers, such as tasks, emails and even aptitude tests so that you can put all your focus on the candidates.


An easy way to share candidates internally and with customers to receive detailed feedback.

Flexible in customization and use your very own templates to highlight the most valuable information.


The perfect way to forecast and analyze time spent on recruitment. All this to easier identify performance and gain a more profound knowledge of your working processes.

With RecMan BI, you can extract all data from the system in reports - or build your very own dashboard and display it right on your home screen.
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Integration with job portals

Our platform offers job portal integrations and works with more than 30 job ad portals so that you can reach even more people with your job listings easier than ever.

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