Sourcing top talent requires the best tools

RecMan seamlessly integrates your entire recruitment workflow, freeing up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on tedious administrative tasks and communication. With RecMan, you can focus on what truly matters - finding top talent for your business.

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One system to replace them all

The Recruiter Suite contains advanced recruitment tools as well as a CRM system, e-mail, SMS, calendar, invoicing, sales and more.

Job post-integration

RecMan seamlessly integrates with the platforms you rely on every day, with over 30 job ad portals at your disposal.

Candidate management and testing

Develop top-tier candidate experiences while streamlining the hiring process. RecMan provides you with a full overview of all applications and candidates.

Access control

Make sure sensitive information stays sensitive. Define access rights and permissions within the organisation.


Finding the best employees starts with happy candidates. RecMan lets candidates easily register and apply for positions.

Candidate management and testing

RecMan integrates with leading aptitude test platforms(AON/CUT-E, Saville, Criterion, Master). Letting you get the full picture of each candidate before inviting them to an interview. Learn more about ATS features.

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Access control

Get full access control between individuals and departments. Define access rights and permissions to various information and functionality within the system. This can be defined per user. Learn more about ATS features.

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Review top candidates and share their profiles internally. Create custom templates with the info you find most important. Learn more about ATS features.

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Reporting and analytics

Enable data-driven decision-making with RecMan Business Intelligence. RecMan keeps your data organised for analysis and provides visualisation through reports. Review past performance and identify future possibilities from your home screen. Learn more about ATS features.

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Candidate-friendly user experience

A confusing registration process is one of the main reasons for candidate drop-off. That's why RecMan’s registration process is very simple. With RecMan's user-friendly registration system, top talent won't be lost due to poor user experience. Learn more about ATS features.

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