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Revolutionise your hiring process and create top-tier candidate experiences with RecMan Recruiter Suite. The all-in-one solution offers cutting-edge features, including the RecMan CRM and RecMan’s core functionalities, to optimise every aspect of your recruitment. Discover a new level of recruiting efficiency with the Recruiter Suite.

Recruiter Suite features

Candidate profiles

Manage candidate interactions, dialogues, and agreements effortlessly from the candidate cards.

Job ads integration

Create and publish job ads all over the internet without leaving the RecMan platform. RecMan lets you post your job ads across more than 30 different portals. Learn more about integrations.

Candidate testing

RecMan seamlessly integrates with top aptitude testing platforms such as Cute-e (AON), Saville, Master, and Criterion, providing a comprehensive overview of each candidate to aid in decision-making.

CV parsing

Don’t spend countless hours manually inputting candidate data. With CV parsing it’s all done with the click of a button. This module comes with an extra cost.

Landing page

Establish dedicated landing pages for applicants where they can get info and apply for the position.


Give your team the run-down of top candidates and share them internally. RecMan allows you and your co-workers to leave comments and rate each candidate individually.

GDPR Admin

Stay on top of GDPR with this module. View which candidates have accepted terms of service, privacy and cookie policies. You can also keep track of inactive candidates who have deleted themselves from the system.


Keep track of hours and send invoices in the same system. RecMans offers integrations with a wide array of accounting systems. Learn more about integrations.

Email and calendar

RecMan's email and calendar seamlessly integrate and synchronise with both incoming and outgoing data from Outlook and Gmail.

Electronic agreements

RecMan lets you generate offers and agreements inside the platform, based on existing templates. Customers can review and sign documents electronically, making deal-making easier than ever.

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CRM features

Pipeline management

Easily track your customers status and progression through your pipeline with RecMan’s intuitive overview.

Customer profiles

In RecMan CRM, every customer or company is represented by a dedicated card that displays essential details such as their history, contact information, and other pertinent data.

Credit checks and monitoring

RecMan uses Creditsafe to monitor Norwegian and international companies. This allows credit checks for customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK to be performed in RecMan. This module comes with an additional monthly fee.

Portfolio monitoring

Portfolio monitoring lets you stay on top of acquisitions, invoices, address changes and liquidity without lifting a finger.


Let RecMan do your research for you. Find and segment new potential customers through RecMan’s proprietary prospecting tool.

RecMan Core functionalities

Task manager

Organise your team. Assure the work gets done, and that customers receive a timely follow-up.

Business Intelligence

RecMan empowers you to make informed decisions based on data. You can analyse and visualise key performance indicators, metrics, and data points to monitor your current status.


Create and send custom forms. Forms may be applied in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Deviation reports
  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • Order forms

Access control

Make sure sensitive information stays sensitive. Define access rights and permissions to various information and functionality within the system. This can be defined per user.


Stay safe with cloud-based detection and prevention of cybersecurity threats. Up to 30 anti-malware programs are at your disposal in RecMan, with different packages depending on the specific need.

Open API

Turn slow manual processes into automated ones with RecMan's API integration, which enables seamless communication with your systems. Developer? Check out RecMan’s API documentation.


Communicate safely and efficiently. RecMan’s team chat helps your team work better together.

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