Staffing just went full stack

RecMan integrates your entire staffing operations into a single system. By reducing time spent on administration and communication, RecMan provides you more time to build teams and effectively turn human resources into happy clients.

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One system to replace them all

RecMan's Staffing Suite includes advanced recruitment tools and a comprehensive enterprise resource management system, featuring a CRM system, email, SMS, calendar, invoicing, payroll, and more.

Payroll and Invoicing

Send invoices directly from RecMan to your clients and accounting software. Integrate RecMan with your preferred salary system for a seamless experience.

Logging and client approval of hours

Keep track of your team's logged hours before getting them approved by the client, all within RecMan.

Salary rules automation

Avoid unnecessary data entry with custom salary automation.

Staffing calendar

Optimise workforce utilisation for maximum efficiency. The staffing calendar gives you complete control over your employees and their availability. Manage your resources across projects to satisfy your clients needs.

Payroll and invoicing

Create and send invoices inside the RecMan ecosystem. Once they’re sent, you can ship them to your choice of accounting software. RecMan offers an adaptable setup of automatic invoice calculations. Learn more about staffing features.

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Logging and approval of hours

Keep track of logged hours and get client approval. Improve transparency with a unique customer portal. Clients get access to their own web portal for approval giving you oversight of your workforce. Learn more about staffing features.

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Salary rules automation

Reduce manual data entry with custom salary automation. Create your own salary matrix across projects by seniority and other relevant factors.

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RecMan Employee App

Manage your work on the fly.

Let employees log hours and expenses, or chat, using their phones. Learn more about RecMan Employee.

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Reporting and analytics

Enable data-driven decision-making with RecMan Business Intelligence. RecMan keeps your data organised for analysis and provides visualisation through reports. Review past performance and identify future possibilities right from your home screen. Learn more about BI features.

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Employee-friendly user experience

Make life easy for your employees with intuitive UX design. RecMan consolidates its workflow into one easy-to-understand system for logging hours, administrating expenses, internal chat and overview of agreements. Learn more about our staffing features.

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