Less administration, more impact

Gain complete control over all client interactions with RecMan Consultant Suite. Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more on making an impact for your clients.

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Key features

RecMan Consultant Suite offers seamless integrations with the most frequently used applications , allowing you to gather all your work in one place. The user-friendly interface embodies the RecMan philosophy of ease-of-use, minimising the need for manual data entry and optimising efficiency.

RecMan is fully GDPR-compliant, and by leveraging industry-leading authentication services, you can be sure that all your data remains safe and secure.

Customer Archive

Make decisions with the correct information at hand. Keep important customer data stored safely and available at any time.

Logging and client approval of hours

Keep track of your team's logged hours before getting them approved by the client, all within RecMan.


Review and send invoices in the same system. RecMan offers integrations with a wide array of accounting systems.

Task Manager

Organise your team's tasks to ensure a high level of productivity.

Customer archive

Having the right information about decision-makers makes all the difference in creating effective strategies. Find and segment new potential customers through our proprietary prospecting tool, RecMan CDB. Learn more about consultant suite features.

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Logging and client approval of hours

Keep track of logged hours and get client approval. Improve transparency with our unique customer portal. Clients get access to their own web portal for approval and oversight purposes. Learn more about consultant suite features.

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Create and send invoices inside the RecMan ecosystem. Once they’re sent, you can ship them to your choice of accounting software. RecMan offers an adaptable setup of automatic invoice calculations. Learn more about consultant suite features.

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Tasks & business process

RecMan is a fully customisable service that lets you set things up as you see fit. You’re the experts here, after all. Set up your own processes and create automated tasks so you will always be in control of your client interaction. Learn more about consultant suite features.

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