RecMan Employee

iOS and Android Application

RecMan Employee management system is the best way to manage your work on the go. Log work and absence, set availability, accept shift requests, scan receipts, and much more.

Key features

Use the RecMan Employee management tools to manage your work-related activities with employers that use the RecMan web application.

Every part of the web experience in RecMan has been enhanced for this mobile app, so that you’ll have the best possible experience using RecMan in your work life. All the data will be safely synced between your phone and the RecMan web application.

Log work

If you have a set schedule, the app will ask you if you worked for quick registration.


Set the availability, register vacation, accept or decline shift requests and even create shifts.


Quickly scan and log your receipts in the app for employer approval.


Here you get an overview of important notifications and actions to be done in the app.

Tell the app if you worked or not, see reminders such as unsigned agreements, accept or deny shift requests, etc.


Easily log all your work activities and get a detailed record of work done.

Log work

Confirm scheduled hours set by your administrator or set them manually.


Notify your manager if you are absent.

Different work types

The app supports various work types hourly pay, monthly pay, overtime etc.

Logged work

Your logged work is tracked on the calendar


The calendar section gives an excellent overview of availability, vacation and shifts


Set if you are available or not for a specific date or period


Add or view vacations


Get notified about shift requests


Communicate with your manager or other relevant people right from your pocket.

Conversation overview

Choose a conversation from the list or start a new one by selecting a person you would like to communicate with

System messages

The manager will get their messages directly in their work tool for quick communication

Time tracker

Use the work timer in a precise and simple way to keep track of your work time.


Log your work time on the go using the geolocation features. When you approach your workplace, the app will suggest you start your timer and stop when you leave.


Receive notifications about long-running timers and reminders to track time.


Easily track work-related expenses by scanning and registering receipts.

Add receipts

Take a photo of a receipt or upload it from your files. The built-in camera extension includes smart edge detection that crops the background from a receipt photo.


See a summary of all receipts for an easy overview.

Download the App

The RecMan Employee time tracking app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play

NOTE: This app requires an existing user account in RecMan. Your employer must use the RecMan web application and have activated support for the RecMan mobile app. Please get in touch with your employer directly if you are unsure if your employer has activated the mobile app module.