Terms of Service

When you come in contact with or use any of our services, we are aware that skipping these Terms of Service can be tempting. However, it is important to us that it is well established what you can expect from us, and what is expected of you.

  1. Introduction

    These Terms of Service (“Terms”) are meant to give you an understanding of the expectations and practices related to how RecMan is to be used, and will govern your relationship with us, the RecMan as an IT solution (“RecMan”) we provide, and how you are permitted to use our services. Note that this is a general overview, and the agreements you may have with us or our clients could override some of the content of these Terms.

    Your access to use any services embedded in RecMan is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. If you are not in agreement with, or otherwise not able to uphold any of the terms and conditions, we advise you to stop using any of the services related to RecMan.

    As described in the Overview, RecMan as a whole is remains in a vast with a complex environment. We highly recommend that you read the Overview before moving forward with the content of these Terms.

  2. What we are and what we do

    We provide a wide range of services with RecMan at its core for organizations and individuals all over the world to smile at and appreciate the IT solution on their screen, either it is for managers to grow their business; organizations to administer their resources efficiently; employees or co-workers to have an easier and productive day-to-day; candidates to manage their profile with simplicity; companies who believe in their suppliers; or industries in general to flourish - we are here to make it happen.

    On the never ending journey to provide everyone with a user friendly and user centered solution, RecMan as a whole is designed and built to last and adapt, with you in its focus. RecMan may show presence in different ways, and we want you to know in which instance RecMan is presented to you, and how this may relate to these Terms.

  3. RecMan’s many faces

    We have full ownership of RecMan, where we are the ones who develop, maintain, provide, and support it. However, our clients license a personal a personal and isolated entity with private entry, thus gaining access to all or some of the other commercial and supporting services and features we provide. This in itself may be confusing to some, and the following is intended to clarify.

    1. Our own

      Our face is the one of our organization and its brand - RecMan. This website will consist of everything you will need to know about us, our services, and RecMan altogether. The RecMan logo, and the RecMan brand is there to inform you that we are the ones responsible for the instance you are observing on your computer, TV, tablet, or phone. We have no intention of hiding in the shadows, and are proud to show our presence. We also have a page on both Facebook and LinkedIn if you are interested in learning more.

      We utilize RecMan to conduct our daily business, and from time to time, we publish job posts and perform recruitments of our own. This may be visible on our career page , which is the page for our organization’s RecMan entity.

      The user agreements or terms and conditions for our website, career page, and other sites or media may be separate due to these sites being intended for different purposes and therefore contain various terms of use.

    2. Our client

      Any client of ours will have access to their own organization’s RecMan where they “paint” this entity with one or more brands. One single entity could to the external eye be interpreted as different entities. For example, if a parent company operates in the two industries of marketing and consultancy, they may want to segregate it in two departments or legal companies. With RecMan, two brands for the services they provide could be present, and their customers, candidates, applicants, and others may interpret these brands as having no connection to each other. Both of these are administered by the parent company within one RecMan entity, but as each brand is intended for separate purposes, the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and cookie notice may vary between them for their websites, pages, and services.

      We highly recommend that you as a data subject read the policies, terms, and conditions for any service you may encounter, as these are the ones applicable to the service you are about to make use of.

    3. Our services

      RecMan is used all over the world, and in countless industries. Even though you have never worked in an organization that utilizes RecMan, or been a candidate that has registered a profile on a career page, you may still come across services that are directly or indirectly connected to RecMan. If one of our clients provides you with their services or products, you could receive candidate presentations, contracts or agreements, forms, and other services available from RecMan. These may be branded with different logos and information about our client, but you will be able to see that the service is provided by a RecMan entity through the URL in which it is presented. The word “recman” or our logo will be visible in the link where the web-based service is accessed.

      It is necessary for you to know that the services our client may be applying with the use of RecMan is done at their own will and practices with probability of it not being in any relation to these Terms.

  4. What you can expect from us

    We provide a wide range of services that are subject to these Terms. There are, however, some services that operate in a manner that will require them to have separate terms and conditions. Whenever you encounter any of these services - privacy policies, terms, or other relevant conditions - will be made available to you before you use them. Our services are designed to work together, making it easier for you to gain an overview and control of the services you utilize.

    We have had tremendous growth over the years by constantly developing features, functionalities, and services to improve the totality of RecMan as an IT solution with focus on innovative and new technologies. As part of this continual evolution, we sometimes change, add, or remove features or functionalities, increase or decrease limits to our services, and provide new services, or stop offering existing ones.

    We have designed our processes with the intention of utilizing all our internal and external channels to research your needs, wishes, and requirements. This way, we are able to carefully consider your interests and expectations, and the potential impact to you or others before we change a service or stop providing it. We will only change or stop providing a service with valid reasons, such as to improve security or performance, comply with applicable law, to prevent illegal activities or abuse, or to reflect the services evolution. This could also be the case if a feature or a service becomes obsolete, or when it is no longer popular or economical to offer.

    The alternation, initiation, or termination of any feature or service will always be for the benefit of RecMan as a whole, including you, us, and the public.

  5. What you can expect from our clients

    The services and solutions we provide can be purchased by and licensed to a client of ours. In this relationship we do our best to share expectations and experiences so that we may inherit some of their best practices and they inherit ours. These Terms are as relevant for them as they are for you, but we may never guarantee that they apply the same terms and conditions in their operations as described here. Our clients are solely responsible for the way our services are utilized within their RecMan entity and how they behave internally or externally, both in regards to these Terms and the law.

    As our terms, conditions, and policies may not be enforced by us to our clients, we strongly advise you to read their own terms, conditions, and policies, both connected and not connected to any of the services we provide.

  6. What we can expect from you

    The permission we give you to use our services may continue as long as you are able to meet the conditions in these Terms. This section is intended to include everyone, either you are a RecMan employee, client, data subject, third party, or other individual, company, or organization; directly or indirectly in contact with one or more of the services we provide.

    Many of our services allow you to interact with others, as well as access personal or sensitive information not owned by you. We want to maintain a respectful environment and share a common mindset with everyone, which means you must follow the basic rules of conduct listed below.

    • Comply with applicable laws
    • Respect the rights of others, including privacy and intellectual property
    • Do not abuse, harm, or threaten to harm others or yourself in any way
    • Do not use the services or solutions for other than its intended or agreed purpose
    • Do not abuse, harm, interfere with, or disrupt the services or solutions

    Some of our services and solutions are designed to let you upload, submit, store, send, receive, share, access, edit, and delete information. You have no obligation to do so and you are free to choose what data you want to manage in this regard. If you choose to upload or share data, you must make sure that the necessary rights to perform this action is ethical, lawful, and without any risks of harming you, others, us, or RecMan.

    We are continuously running tests related to performance and security, both with internal resources and external third parties. Our services and solutions are to be of the highest possible quality with security as one of the core focuses. If you are ever interested in running penetration tests or scans of your own, we are happy to let you do so. There are, however, some guidelines you must follow in terms of the bullet points mentioned above, as well as rules of engagement. You are under no circumstance allowed to initiate any testing without our written consent. Please contact us to receive more information.

  7. The use of RecMan services

    If you meet the criteria for age requirements described in our Privacy Policy, you can register personal profiles or accounts and utilize the services in and by RecMan. You are responsible for what you do with your account and how you use and apply the services, including taking reasonable action to secure your account, the information you own, the information you have access to, and the use of services provided by RecMan.

    Many organizations such as companies, businesses, non-profits, schools, and other institutions make use of our services. To use our services on behalf of an organization, an authorized representative of the organization must agree to these Terms. A RecMan system administrator at a given organization may assign a personal profile or account to you. System administrators might require you to follow additional rules not included in these Terms and may be able to access, edit, delete, or disable your account or profile.

    To provide you with our services, we sometimes send announcements and other information. To learn more about why and how we communicate with you, please see our Privacy Policy.

    The use of RecMan as an IT solution and the services it provides is designed to function on computers, tablets, or mobile phones with any operating system. As a cloud based solution, a connection to the internet and access to a web browser will be necessary to utilize or access any of the RecMan services and solutions.

    As RecMan is an advanced piece of technology, we do not guarantee that it will function at its optimal capacity for every single operating system, device, web browser, and internet connection. A selected few operating systems, devices, and web browsers may not be supported as they are either not capable of running the services or solutions, or because they are classified as a potential threat or risk in terms of security.

  8. Connections and links

    Any RecMan entity, both internally and externally, may contain links to other websites or connections to services that are not owned or controlled by us. For example, a career page provided by one of our clients could include links to sites that are not related to RecMan, or it could be connected to other services we do not facilitate.

    We have not reviewed all of the links or connections, and are not responsible for the content of any such linked sites or connected services. The inclusion of any site or service does not imply endorsement by us. Use of any such links or connections is at your own risk.

    We strongly advise you to read the policies and terms of any website or service that you may encounter.

  9. Your limitations and our rights

    In cases where we or our client provide you with access or permission to use one or more of the RecMan services or solutions, you are to treat it with respect and in a manner that is aligned with these Terms. For any of the services or solutions offered by us, you will under no circumstance sell it, distribute it, use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes, attempt to reverse engineer it, attempt to remove any copyright or other proprietary notations, or transfer it to another person, entity, or server without a written and signed permission by us.

    If you were evet to provide us with feedback, such as suggestions on how to improve our services, we may act on your feedback without any obligations to you.

    Every account, profile, or access to one or more services or solutions embedded in the RecMan environment is of personal nature. If you, your account, your profile, or your access are in violation with these Terms, your access can be temporarily suspended or terminated without notice.

  10. Issues or disagreements

    You have the right to a certain quality of service, and ways to fix an issue if something is wrong. These Terms are not intended to take away any of such rights.

    1. Warranties and disclaimers

      The services as part of RecMan are provided on an as-is basis. We give no warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaim and negate all other warranties including, without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability; fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement; or performance.

      We do not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of services in RecMan or otherwise relating to content on any sites or services linked to RecMan.

      Our services are, however, provided to you with reasonable skill and care. If we do not meet the level of quality you expect, please let us know - and we will do our best to resolve the issue together.

    2. Liabilities

      These Terms only limit our responsibilities with the purpose of providing you with quality services, as well as allowed by applicable law. Other than the rights and responsibilities described in this section and contracts with clients or others, RecMan may not be held responsible for any kind of losses due to use or misuse, personal injury or death, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, gross negligence, willful misconduct, or otherwise loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of business opportunities, loss of goodwill, loss of anticipated savings, punitive damages, or other indirect or consequential loss.

    3. Governing laws

      These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Norway, and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in this country.

      Our failure to enforce any rights or sections of these Terms will not be considered a waiver of those rights. If any section of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable by court, the remaining sections of these Terms will remain in effect.

  11. Changes to these terms

    At our discretion, we may update these Terms to reflect changes to our services or the current practices. RecMan will take reasonable steps to let users know about changes though the Solution or on this page. Your continued use of the RecMan services after any changes to these Terms will be regarded as acceptance of the practices related to terms of service.

  12. Questions and contact

    If you have any questions or wish to contact us about these Terms, please contact support@recman.no with the subject of “Terms of Service”. If you, however, have any questions regarding the terms and conditions for any of our Clients, please contact them directly.