Staffing Solution

An all-in-one ERP solution for staffing agencies.

Key features

Staffing includes all the tools for professional recruitment and CRM that are in ATS and Recruiter, along with the industry’s most comprehensive set of tools for staffing services.

Logging hours

Keep track of all the logged hours easily.

Approve hours

We let the customers themselves approve the logged hours.

Payroll & Invoicing

Logged and approved? Invoice the customer directly.

Logging hours

We let you record and store the hours worked, so you know who did what and for how long. Simply an easy and clear way of seeing everyone currently working.

Customers can approve logged hours

The customers can easily approve the logged hours of the employees themselves, making it easier for both of you.

Payroll & Invoicing

After logging and approving the hours, you can easily send the salary basis straight to the salary system and invoice the customer directly.

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